Super Twinkling Series




Aluminum pigment HYD20, non-leafing type, silver dollar series. It have excellent brightness and good metallic effect, widely used in high inks, computer coating, communication coating and consumer electronics coating, etc.



We use metal drum for our aluminum pastes and the standard pack is 25kg per drum whose diameter is 30cm and the height is 40cm. In addition, we can supply palletizeing package for export when needed. The maximum volume of a pallet are 24 drams, 600KG.



Because of its metal and chemical trait, the aluminum pastes should be kept airproofed in dry and draught indoor space(15℃-40℃),where the sunshine, rainwater can be avoided. To use as soon as possible when opened the package and sealed the barrel immediately when finished using so as to avoid the volatilization of solvent and additives. If deposited too long, a careful examination is necessary before using.
The aluminum pastes should be preserved far away from water, alkali, and acid to avoid any possible chemical change. If fire accident happened, use those chemical powder fire fighting equipments but water is forbidden. The solvent in aluminum pastes may separate from them especially when the temperature is high. It is normal and that will not affect the quality of products. To beat them up and fully mixed before use is enough.
This material is listed in the flammable liquid (33646) according to the standard of GB12268-90, but the flash point (67℃) of the produce provided by the plant indicates that it seems not a flammable article. For safety sake it is suggested that the user should test the flash point prior to using the material. So Shanghai Center of Toxic Chemicals Information & Consultation (SCTCIC) determined that our aluminum pastes are not hazard products.






测试项目 标准值 单位
固体含量 67 %±2
粒径分布典型值(D50) 62 μm
湿法筛分分析(<63μm) 99.8 %
比重 1.6 g/cm3
溶剂 MS *





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