Calcined Kaolin



C-98 is specially designed with ultra-high brightness calcined kaolin(Calcined China Clay) products, through the dehydroxylation by control heat treatment, removal of the hydroxyl groups incorporated in the crystal molecules, thereby enhancing the brightness of the product. C-98 is highly micronized treatment improves the dispersion properties.

C-98 high-brightness calcined kaolin exclusively as the functional extended pigment for paint, C-98 showed good opacity and good tinting strength properties asTiO2 extender to effectively reduce costs. Fine particles size of C-98, it can be widely applied to water-based or solvent-based flat, eggshell, semi-gloss paint and specialty paint. C-98 superior brightness so that it is particularly applicable to the needs of the application of the higher whiteness and the clear color.


Appearance Highly micronized powders
GE Brightness (%) ≥94.0
ISO Brightness (%) ≥93.5
325 Mesh residues (%) ≤0.01
Moisture content (105°C)(%) ≤0.5
pH value (28% suspension) 5.0-7.0
Specify Gravity (g/cm3) 2.5 – 2.7
Medium Particle Size (µm) 0.7
Dispersion (Hegman) ≥3.5


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