Corporate Social Responsibility

Titanos Group's evolution from a small trading company in the late 1980s to a large international industrial corporation would not have been possible without the support from the government policies and the general community. To shoulder our social responsibility and to reciprocate our thanks to the community, Titanos is committed to adhere to the following eight principles.

1.Courtesy and Trust

The pervasive lack of credibility in the market has been undermining the operations and growth potential of the economy. The prevalence of counterfeit goods leads to a loss of 2500-2700 billion Yuan each year, which is about 3-3.5% of China's GDP. Combating counterfeits has been difficult and has endangered the survival of many companies. Courtesy and trust are two pillars of commitment that we provide to our customers to ensure the genuineness and superiority of our products.

2.Strategic and Systematic Development

Our business is not just profit oriented. We strive to shoulder social responsibilities and strive for the betterment of our country's economy. We continually focus on growing in a strategic and systematic way to yield true long term benefits both financially and socially. On a larger scale, we compete with the market in a constructive way to help each other grow and advance, rather than simply focusing on short-term, immediate profits.

3. Sustainable Development

Per capita resources are particularly scarce for China and its 1.3 billion populations. Thus businesses must conserve resources to ensure sustainable development. We must take on the global perspective and view sustainable development as an effort that must be made internationally and collectively. This can be achieved through changing the mode of economic growth, emphasizing the development of recycling economy, and adjusting the structure of the industry.

4. Environmental Protection

With global and local economic growth, the deterioration of the environment has become a great concern. Wild animals, vegetation, and resources have all been negatively affected, and now pose a great threat to human survival and social development. It is our understanding that as a business, we must take the responsibility to protect the environment and renew it.

5. Cultivation of Culture

Health care, public education, and fostering cultural development are critical for a country's progress and its people's welfare. In particular, public education has the power to reduce poverty rates and the discrepancy of income distribution. While the government is responsible for the provision of these public goods and for promoting cultural enrichment, businesses should also contribute financially to alleviate the government's burden and to offer more immediate and local solutions.


While our economy has made tremendous progress in the last few decades, there are still many unresolved social issues, with poverty being a perennial concern. We believe that it is every business' responsibility to provide financial support to struggling communities and individuals through charity and other philanthropic means.

7.Protecting Employee Health

Human resources are a valuable asset to the society and to any enterprise. Therefore the protection of the lives, safety and security of our employees are one of the top priorities for our company. In response to the international standards of corporate social responsibility and the government's "people-oriented" strategies, Titanos will remain dedicated to protecting our employees.

8.Technological Innovation

In general, the economic profit and efficiency of Chinese enterprises and their input-output ratio is relatively poor. Research in scientific and technological innovation must be emphasized to improve overall efficiency and reduce resource consumption. In the past and presently, China has borrowed foreign technology as a shortcut to achieve economic growth and as a result, have failed to use them properly. Our company attaches great importance to the proper application of foreign technology, as well as committing to our own innovation and technological advancement.