Rheological Additive for solvent based system



BP®-500 is made from natural bentonite(main ingredient montmorillonite) by special processes of purifying, modifying. It is updated organoclay product, owns well thickening and rheological property. Compared with the traditional organoclay, BP®-500 have light color, high transparency and fineness colloid with some self-activated dispersion property.


1. paints & coatings 2.inks 3. sealing material 4.adhensive 5.pigment pastes 6.lubrating greases 7.cosmetics 8. macromolecule complex materials 9. oil well drillings

Technical data:

1.      Appearance: white free flowing powder

2.      volatile(105℃,2hrs)            : ≤3.5%

3.      granularity(pass0.076mm) : ≥95%

4.      loss on ignition(1000℃): ≤38%

Usage Methods:

BP®-500 organoclay rheological additives can be dissolved in organic solvent and resin system, it increase viscosity quickly with thixotropy in the total systems. In order to improve dispersing and thickening property, BP®-500 is needed to add 33% polar activator and high shear dispersion condition(such as 95% ethanol,95% acetone,etc). The method is pre-gel addition and dry-powder addition. The dosage of BP®-500 is 0.2-2.0% of the whole systems, or determined by test.

1、 Pre-gel procedure methods:

We should choose the suitable quantity of pre-gel:

Item                    8%      10%       Dispersion condition

Solvent(xylene) 89.4%  86.7%

 BP®-500           8%      10%        middle speed mix, slowly input,high dispersion 5-10min.

95% ethanol       2.6%     3.3%     high speed shear dispersion 15-30min.

This pre-gel can be added in any step of adjustment procedure, but the best time is before the grinding procedure.

2、 Dry-powder addition:    

 BP®-500 can be added by the dry-powder, but need polar activator to improve dispersing and thickening property. The addition process is as follows:

①、solvent and mixed solvent/resin(disperse)
②、BP®-500(high speed disperse5-10minutes)
③、polar activator(ethanol or acetone with 5%water),high
        speed disperse 15-20minutes
④、additive(wetting agent、dispersant、defoaming agent, etc)
⑥、last modification

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