Professional Titanium Dioxide product and service provider in China

30 years in pigment industry

The founder of the company entered pigment industry in 1989 and established Shanghai Titanos Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2004. company has been accessed and registered as meeting the requirements ofIsO9001:2008 to certify the quality management systems. We also have a research and development center cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and our products comply with FDA regulations.

Above 6000 customers

We provided tailored solutions to unique customer needs and supplied to over 6000 customers especially to the Coatings, Ink and Plastic customers. We sold over 120,000 MT and 250 million US dollars annually, achieved trust from our customers and were identified as AAA grade on contract credit rating by the government of Shanghai.

Production facilities

We have factories located in Shanghai, Anhui and Panzhihua with varieties of products to be provided and over 550 staffs spread all over the world, of which 10% are researchers working in R&D center.

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ISO Certification of Registration

Certificate of Contract Credit Rating

Certified by SCRPF

Famous Trademark in Shanghai

Certified as Hi-tech Enterprise

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