TITANOS Ethynyl Cyclohexanol





1-Ethynyl-1-cyclohexanol(ECH) is molding  silicone rubber storage stabilizer, a hydrosilylation reaction inhibitor. It  also can be used in inks, paints and paint driers, acid  corrosion inhibitor.ect.


It is recommended for:
inks, paints and paint driers.
acid corrosion inhibitor.
conjunction with platinum catalysis
Industrial Maintenance and Marine.
silicone  rubber storage stabilizer.
hydrosilylation  reaction inhibitor.

【Typical Properties】

Appearance white Crystal or  colorless liquid.
Flashing  point 163°F
Content, % ≥99
melting  point 30℃-31℃.
boiling  point 178℃-180℃
Moisture ≤150ppm
Density 0.97637g/ml
Keep  containers tightly closed in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.1kg or 25kg  per barrel.
Formula & molecular weight
Chemical name Ethynyl cyclohexanol
Chemical Formula C8H12O
Chemical Structure
Relative molecular formula 124.18
CAS NO. 78-27-3
Typical Properties not to be construed as  specifications

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