Wetting and dispersing




CLiQSPERSE BT is a resin-like high molecular weight pigment dispersing agent for non-aqueous systems. The modified polyurethane is used in industrial systems for direct grinding of pigments into a coatings mill-base or in the production of highly concentrated low viscous organic or inorganic resin-free pigment concentrates. The material is also recommended for resin based pigment concentrates.

CLiQSPERSE BT provides maximum colour strength, gloss retention and excellent colour acceptance in a variety of non-aqueous systems. It prevents re-flocculation and stabilizes pigments in paints and pigment concentrates.

CLiQSPERSE BT reduces grinding time and gives a non-thixotropic low viscous mill-base. The dispersing and wetting agent does not negatively influence the paint durability.

【Level of Use / Incorporation】:

CLiQSPERSE BT is best dissolved in solvents prior to pigment addition. The optimum loading level should be determined for each system usinga loading ladder study. CLiQSPERSE BT can beused alone or in combination with a grinding resin.

The following loading levels are recommended as starting point:

Inorganic pigments: 10 % of the oil absorption
Organic pigments: 25 - 50 % of BET-value
Carbon blacks: 20 % of the DBP-value

CLiQSPERSE BT is compatible with most industrial non-aqueous based systems like 2K epoxy, 2K polyurethanes, stoving enamels, polyester and alkyd systems.


Appearance Clear / hazy liquid
Solid content ca.53 %
Brookfield viscosity ca. 220 mPa.s
Density (20°C) ca. 1.03 g/cm3


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