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Climb a mountain and chase a dream - Titanos Group’s team building trip to Huangshan in 2023

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Inscription of Poems for Wenshu Monastery, the top of Huangshan Mountain

Wei Yuan [Qing Dynasty]


The peaks, rocks, and pines are even more amazing. The clouds are floating in the sky, the water is also flowing, and it seems that the mountains are also moving.


Mount Huashan stands facing Jiangnan. There are so many flowers in bloom, which can be expressed by ten feet and ten thousand circumferences.


The autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp, the sun is beautiful and the wind is gentle.From October 27th to 29th, all employees of Shanghai Titanos went to Huangshan, Anhui Province for a three-day and two-night team-building trip.


The first station

Tunxi Old Street


At 12:00 PM on October 27th, all employees of Shanghai Titanos took two buses and set off on time. On the way, the tour guide explained to us the history of Anhui, the beauty of Huangshan Mountain, and provided several suggestions for climbing routes. Everyone laughed and sang while discussing. Soon we arrived at the first stop of this trip - Tunxi Old Street.



The second station

Huangshan Mountain

At 6 o'clock in the morning on the 28th, the excitement and enthusiasm had already exceeded the daze of getting up early, and we arrived at the foot of Huangshan Mountain in an instant.


This team building is divided into eight teams: red, purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, and silver team. Each team moved forward steadily according to the climbing route planned by the team leader. Some took the cable car, some walked the entire journey, and some took the cable car and half hiked. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of everyone, we visited and took photos at many major attractions such as Banshan Temple, Guangmingding, Feilaishi, Xihai Grand Canyon, Black Tiger Pine, Rusheng Pavilion, Qingliang Terrace and Aoyu Peak. Finally, the teams were ranked based on their photograph situations and were given rewards respectively.


As night falls, getting rid of the tension of competition, the relaxing and sumptuous dinner officially begins. Huangshan special delicacies such as hairy tofu, stinky mandarin fish, sesame cakes, and “Daobanxaing” stimulate the taste buds of everyone, and even forget the fatigue after climbing the mountain.



The third station


After breakfast the next day, Titanos Group went to Tachuan National Forest Park to admire the white walls and black tiles, the tranquility of the Hui-style architecture, and experience the poetry and distance, and the comfortable pastoral life.



Through this team-building activity with the theme of "Climbing a mountain, pursue a dream", all employees of Shanghai Titanos achieved the purpose of enhancing team cohesion, promoting team communication, enhancing team collaboration, improving team morale, and enhancing innovation and wisdom, further promoting Titanos to move towards a higher platform.


In the future, we will continue to provide supply chain supporting services and ensure the stable operation of every link such as raw material supply, stable production, sales support, technical support, experimental testing, and efficient logistics. We, generation of young people, will not forget our original aspirations and continue to devote themselves to work with full enthusiasm. In 2024, we will make our lives better with our hard-working hands!


Titanos - "Enjoy life, enjoy work, have dreams"!