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TITANOS meets you at Shanghai paint Expo: the factory directly supplies multi series aluminum silver paste for the paint industry

Time: 2021-07-30 Source from: www.titanos.com

    Sponsored by China Coating Industry Association, 2021 China International Coating Expo and the 21st China International Coating Expo were grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China from August 6 to 8, 2021. TITANOS group (Booth No: E1101·E1) sincerely serves every customer , and sincerely invites every friend to come to the booth (Booth No: E1101 ·E1) to guide and negotiate cooperation.

    It is mainly used in industrial baking paint, industrial paint, toy paint, coil paint, wine bottle paint, wood paint, non stick paint, engineering machinery paint, leather paint, waterborne plastic paint, home appliance paint, PDAs and other decorative coatings, automobile paint, automobile repair paint, motorcycle paint, high-grade plastic paint, powder paint, anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion primer, anti-corrosion finish, anti-corrosion coating Hammer paint, marine paint, textile coating, household and office electrical coating, fluorocarbon paint, waterborne baking paint, waterborne industrial paint, waterborne coating, etc

    WL water-based floating series, PAHs environmental protection series, imitation electroplating series, high-end imitation electroplating series, ordinary non floating series, ordinary floating series, advanced floating series, fine white series, fine flash series, coarse flash series, ZEW passivation series applied in the paint and coating industry independently developed and produced by Anhui yinjianyan titanium new materials Co., Ltd Zdw double clad series and other aluminum silver paste and silicon clad aluminum silver powder.

     Silver Arrow TITANOS aluminum pigment sells well in the world and is widely used in many industries such as coating, ink, color masterbatch, plastic and glass fiber. Choose assured products, qualified suppliers, one-stop service and "TITANOS".

     Anhui yinjian TITANOS New Material Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Huoshan Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province in May 2016, with a registered capital of 64.908 million yuan and an area of 78 mu. It has four standardized production workshops and three three-story three-dimensional structure workshops with a total area of 32000m and an annual production capacity of 4500 tons. It has a 3300m high-specification R & D, quality control and application management center. It is a company integrating R & D, production The professional aluminum pigment production enterprise integrating sales always adheres to the business philosophy of high, special and new, forge ahead and focus on quality. Relying on the global service network of YANTI group, it provides customers with more convenient services and personalized needs.

     With 30 years of "gold" integrity, Shanghai TITANOS Industrial Co., Ltd. is looking for sales managers and dealers willing to seek common development around a series of products such as "silver" pulp, and we will jointly expand the blue ocean of aluminum pigment.

    TITANOS's professional team will provide comprehensive and powerful service support for dealer partners in product design, technical support, basic training, industry expansion, marketing promotion and other aspects. We also have a unique way in terms of price guarantee system to ensure the benefits of participating dealers. On the platform of TITANOS, you can reduce expenses and expand revenue. Sincerely welcome every friend to call for inquiry and cooperation.


You should have the following main conditions:

an independent legal entity.

master the high-quality channel resources of the regional market.

Experience in aluminum pigment terminal development or related background.