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TITANOS team building: with a dream in your mind, surpass yourself and make life better

Time: 2021-07-13 Source from: www.titanos.com

From May 29 to 30, summer is coming, Trees of all sorts vie with each other for glamour.. Shanghai TITANOS’ internal trade department, procurement department of e-commerce department and warehousing and logistics department held a multi department joint construction activity in Anji, Yuhang City, Zhejiang Province

At 8 a.m. on the 29th, TITANOS’staff set out in batches, singing and laughing all the way, and soon arrived at the activity site of HC outdoor camp in Yuhang, Hangzhou.

After the buffet barbecue, we started canoeing, CS live and ATV Off road. The experience is not only the competitive spirit, but also the carefree feeling of being close to nature.



The events of the Olympic Games. In a group of two, it needs two people to reach a tacit understanding, cooperate closely, advance and retreat together, so as to exercise the close cooperation between small partners with the least strength and the fastest speed. It has not only fierce confrontation and competition, but also the beauty of movement and rhythm when tacit understanding is played.

CS live

Team sports. Simulate the war scene in the movement, let the partners feel the power of team cooperation to achieve the final success. Everyone is required to obey the needs of the war, and experience the kind of war in order to win without caring about personal gain and loss of natural duty and military spirit.

ATV Off road

After training in the training ground, you can experience the deep or shallow potholes, high or low mounds in the jungle through 7km wild jungle, mountain and mud splashing river. Looking for the usual lack of rapid heartbeat, the pleasure of galloping in the wind, challenge yourself, climb the peak.


Night falls, put down the tension of competition, relax the nightlife, officially began barbecue (roast whole sheep) + karaoke!

After breakfast the next day, TITANOS’staff came to the old Pingyao street of Liangzhu culture, where oil paper umbrellas, silkworm chrysalis, tea houses and jade ware were used. They walked in the old street where ancient buildings swarmed with modern flavor to feel the breath of the world's material and cultural heritage and have a quiet time.

Du! With the sound of whistle, the game of South to North Water Diversion, rope skipping, treasure hunting, collecting seven flags of titanos, looking for rainbow and taking seven colors begins!

Through this group building activity with the theme of "Carrying dreams, Surpassing ourselves, Making life better", TITANOS's internal trade department, e-commerce department, purchasing department and warehousing and logistics department have made our team more cooperative and cohesive through the combination of dynamic and static activities.

In the special period of epidemic globalization, we will continue to provide front-end and back-end, online and offline services and support to ensure stable supply, excellent quality, affordable price, efficient logistics and other comprehensive services. My generation of youth strength, do not forget the original intention, continue to work with full enthusiasm, 2021 with hard-working hands to make life better!

TITANOS people- "who understand life, work, and have a dream"!