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Yang Xiaojing, deputy secretary of Qingpu District Committee, visited the headquarters of Titanos Group to investigate the resumption of work

Time: 2020-11-13 Source from: Yantai

       On March 13, Yang Xiaojing, deputy Secretary of Qingpu District Party Committee and five of them, accompanied by Gan Jianping, secretary of the Industrial park, visited Titanos Group to investigate the resumption of work. Yang Tao, chairman of the board, Ning Kecheng, vice chairman, Jin Zhengyuan, executive director, and other warmly received them. Yang Tao, the chairman of the board, answered Yang Xiaojing's concerns about workers returning to work, stock reserve, elimination guarantee of operation and sales, etc. At the same time, he comprehensively reported the difficulties existing after the resumption of work and expressed his confidence and determination to defeat the epidemic and continue to grow the company rapidly.

       Yang Xiaojing points out Titanos Group is an important industrial and trade enterprise in titanium dioxide, aluminum paste industries. In production and daily life, Titanos Group should give top priority to the health and safety of its employees, make solid efforts in epidemic prevention and personnel investigation and control, refine epidemic control and disposal measures, and ensure that staff protection is in place and supplies of epidemic prevention materials are sufficient.

       Yang Xiaojing requires, first to attach great importance to staff protection. Titanos Group should fully recognize the seriousness of the epidemic prevention and control measures, prevent and control the epidemic and resuming work in an orderly manner. Second, do prevention and control scientifically. Titanos Group need to assume primary responsibility for the resumption of work and work in a strict and concrete manner. They need to work closely with the district government and other relevant functional departments to further enhance enterprises' ability to respond to and control the epidemic. Third, we need to strengthen services. The territory offices and other related departments to resume the production plan according to the customer, actively coordinate the customers to solve practical difficulties, especially in the aspects such as logistics, help them in well under the premise of prevention and control measures to resume production quickly,give full play to the company's 30 years of experience accumulated excellent service awareness, escort to return to work and production for clients, provide strong support for stable social and economic situation.