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Strolling on the grassland above the clouds, drifting and playing in the stream -- Record Multi-department joint group building activities of TITANOS

Time: 2020-11-12 Source from:

      In September during the golden autumn, the foreign Trade Department, the Electronic Commerce Department, the personnel administration Department, the warehousing logistics Department, the purchasing department and the financial Department of the Titanos Company held a very meaningful group building activity in the scenic spot "Clouds on the grassland" and Jiangjun Guan rafting area in Zhejiang province.

      "Clouds on the grassland" seems to be the paradise Tao Yuanming described and the castle in the sky Miyazaki imagined.

      The scenery in the Jiangjun Guan matches well with rafting activities and enables the staff to relax and release the pressure from work.

      Team and individual events such as shooting, archery, go-cart, cliff swing, glass walkway, speed skating and rock climbing are carried out to strengthen multi-department cooperation and show individuality, so that employees can feel a sense of stability and enterprising spirit of down-to-earth.

      In this special period, Titanos warehousing, logistics, personnel, administration, finance, procurement and other departments will continue to do a good job in front and rear end services and support, to ensure stable supply, excellent quality, affordable prices, efficient logistics and other comprehensive services.

      Through this group building activity of "Strolling on the grassland above the clouds, drifting and playing in the stream", let's fill the energy of our life and work, continue to put more enthusiasm into work, and realize our dream with diligent hands!

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